Cass Business School, City University London, UK


Davide RavasiDavide Ravasi is a professor in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management at the Cass Business School, City University London, UK. He has held previous appointments at the SDA Bocconni School of Management and he is the academic representative of the Reputation Institute in Italy.

His research addresses the interrelations between organizational identity, culture, and strategy in times of change, and how discursive and material artefacts influence sense making in organizations. Professor Ravasi is also interested in practices of design and design management, and how organizations manage to endow its products with symbolic value and cultural meanings through design.

The author or co-author of eight books and several dozen scholarly articles and book chapters, his research has appeared in a number of the world's leading journals and other major outlets. His works have appeared on the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of Management Studies, Strategic Organization, Journal of Business Venturing, Long Range Planning, Corporate Reputation Review, and Industrial and Corporate Change, among others.

Professor Ravasi is a member of many renowned editorial boards for the following journals: Journal of Management (2011 – up to present), Strategic Organization (2011 – up to present), Journal of Management Studies (2010 – up to present), Academy of Management Journal (2010 – up to present), Academy of Management Review (2005 – up to present), and Corporate Reputation Review (2005 – up to present).

His current theoretical interests centre on identity, memory and heritage in corporate museums and his research explores mnemonic practices in organizations; how they influence collective identity-related processes, and bring the cultural heritage of the organization to bear on design, branding and people management. Other work addresses the question of success and failure in design collaborations as well as socio-cultural drivers of practice adoption and implementation in organizations. He also has active research interest in corporate reputation.



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