Rating the corporate governance quality in Croatian firms
by using the SEECGAN methodology


SEECGAN cover 2015


In conjunction with the OFEL 2015 conference, the members of the South East Europe Corporate Governance  Academic  Network (SEECGAN) led by Professor Darko Tipurić, Ph. D. presented the book entitled „CORPORATE GOVERNANCE IN CROATIA – Rating the corporate governance quality in Croatian firms by using  the SEECGAN methodology“ (ISBN:  978-953-57413-9-8).

The book emerged as one of the fruits of a large joint research project initiated in 2013. After its development, the research methodology was adjusted to the specificities of the business environment of selected countries in South East Europe (SEE) in order to serve in creating the SEECGAN Index of Corporate Governance, which was finalized a year after.

It is the historical, cultural, linguistic, political and economic similarities of SEE countries and the desire for a consistent and comprehensive comparison of the quality of corporate governance in firms operating in this area that motivated the authors to shape a common index of corporate governance. There is also the inescapable fact that the existing indices are not adapted to the particularities of the closed system of corporate governance and the diversity of the business context in comparison to other parts of Europe.

In that manner, the SEECGAN Index is aimed at measuring and comparing the quality of corporate governance practices in the listed joint-stock companies in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia.

The book „Corporate Governance in Croatia“ gives an insight in the 2014 research results of corporate governance quality in Croatian firms. Due to its comprehensiveness the book represents a new and valuable source of knowledge for both academics and practitioners in an original way. The authors hope the book will also inspire young researchers in higher level of academic education and be of great benefit to students.


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